Salzburg (Salzburger Land)

Hochkönig's ski resort links the charming villages of Mühlbach, Dienten, and Maria Alm am Steinernen Meer. One of the most breathtaking ski tours in the Alps, the Königstour, can be found on Hochkönig. Covering 35 kilometers of interconnected slopes and reaching a peak altitude of approximately 1,900 meters, this tour can be completed in a single day, making it ideal for family adventures. The captivating powder snow and vast expanses in the enchanting surroundings of the imposing Hochkönig create a truly exceptional skiing experience. Additionally, the region offers delightful culinary experiences, with lovingly prepared dishes served in rustic mountain huts across the entire ski resort.

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Where is Hochkönig located?

Hochkönig is located in the Salzburg region of Austria, specifically in the Salzburg (Salzburger Land) area. It encompasses the Hochkönig mountain range. You can access Hochkönig by taking the train to stations in the region, and from there, ski buses are available to transport you to the ski lifts and villages within the resort. Find out more

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