Les 7 Laux

Les 7 Laux, nestled in the heart of the Belledonne mountain range in the Isère department of France stands as a premier ski destination offering a unique blend of natural beauty, diverse terrain, and modern amenities. Comprising three distinct areas—Le Pleynet, Prapoutel, and Pipay—this expansive resort caters to winter enthusiasts of all levels. Le Pleynet (1450 m): Positioned to the east, Le Pleynet offers breathtaking views of the Breda valley surrounded by the majestic peaks of Belle Etoile and Cabottes. Prapoutel (1350 m): Serving as the urban hub, Prapoutel provides a range of amenities, including cinemas and discos, making it a vibrant center within the Les 7 Laux ski area. Pipay (1550 m): This well-preserved village is nestled in nature, overlooking the Grésivaudan Valley and contributing to the resort's diverse appeal. Les 7 Laux has undergone significant renovations, with 90% of ski lifts updated and ski runs remapped over the past decade. The resort caters to modern skiing and snowboarding preferences, featuring a renowned snow park called 'HO5.' Divided into three areas—Ice-racing, The Wolves Run, and The Pro Park—the snow park offers an exhilarating experience for enthusiasts of aerial acrobatics, rail riding, and pro-level features.

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Where is Les 7 Laux located?

Les 7 Laux is a ski resort located in the Belledonne mountain range in the French Alps. Specifically, it is situated in the Isère department of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, southeastern France. The resort is not far from the city of Grenoble, making it accessible for both local and international visitors. The name “Les 7 Laux” refers to the seven lakes in the area. The nearest major airport to Les 7 Laux is Grenoble Alpes-Isère Airport (GNB), which is approximately 100 kilometers away. You can also reach Les 7 Laux by train or car. The resort is accessible from major cities like Grenoble and Chambéry.

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