Styria (Steiermark)

The Schladming ski resort serves as the central hub within a network of four interconnected lift companies, spanning four mountain peaks: -Hauser Kaibling -Planai -Hochwurzen -Reiteralm This collective, often referred to as the "4-Mountain" (4-Berge or 4-Peaks) region, features north-facing terrain with a substantial skiable vertical drop exceeding 1,250 meters. This expansive area is well-equipped with 46 state-of-the-art ski lifts and offers approximately 127 kilometers of top-tier piste trails, including designated ski routes. Schladming is widely regarded as one of the premier on-piste skiing destinations in Austria, Europe, and across the globe.

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Where is Schladming located?

Schladming is located in the central part of Austria, specifically in the state of Styria (Steiermark in German). It is situated in the upper Enns River valley (Ennstal) in the heart of the Austrian Alps. The Schladming 4-Berge ski area comprises four interconnected mountains: Hauser Kaibling, Planai, Hochwurzen, and Reiteralm. Schladming is well-connected by train, with several train stations in the area, making it convenient for travelers using public transportation. Find out more

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