Sun Peaks

British Columbia

As the snow blankets the region, Sun Peaks transforms into a snow-covered paradise, drawing avid skiers and snowboarders from around the world. Boasting Canada's second-largest ski area, the resort offers a diverse array of groomed trails, glades, and challenging steeps across three magnificent mountains: Tod Mountain, Sundance Mountain, and Mt. Morrisey. The village comes alive with après-ski excitement, offering an array of restaurants, shops, and cozy accommodations. Sun Peaks has also garnered acclaim for its environmental policies and efforts, achieving recognition as the inaugural North American resort and the sole Canadian resort to attain the ISO 14001 certification for its commitment to environmental management.

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Where is Sun Peaks located?

The Sun Peaks resort is located in the British Columbia Interior only 58km (a 45-minute drive) northeast of the town of Kamloops. Sun Peaks is 409km northeast of Vancouver British Columbia, a 4.5-hour drive.

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