Adelboden Lenk

Bernese Oberland

Adelboden-Lenk stands out as a unique Swiss ski destination with World Cup quality piste trails, an expansive and diverse ski region comprising seven sectors, and an extended ski season from early December - mid-April. The resort offers quality on-piste trails for all skill levels, a long skiable vertical of over 1,500 meters, and numerous winter activities beyond skiing. Its accessibility through the excellent Swiss rail system, traditional Swiss accommodations, and integration with nearby ski regions contribute to its distinct appeal, providing visitors with an authentic alpine experience in a charming and picturesque setting.

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Where is Adelboden Lenk located?

Adelboden-Lenk is situated in the Bernese Oberland, Canton Bern, Switzerland. The main villages are Adelboden and Lenk-im-Simmental. The most convenient way to reach Adelboden-Lenk is by using Switzerland’s excellent integrated train and bus system. The closest major town is Spiez, with train connections to Adelboden and Lenk.

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