Mont Blanc


Mont Blanc, the ski resort located in the Laurentides of Quebec, Canada, offers 35 km of slopes for enthusiasts of skiing and snowboarding. With 5 lifts to transport guests, the winter sports area spans elevations ranging from 346 to 556 m. Situated in the Mont Tremblant ski region, just 75 minutes north of Montreal in Quebec, Mont Blanc ski resort boasts 41 trails, one of the area's highest verticals, a prominent ski school, and, notably, affordable rates.

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Mont Blanc Faqs

When is the ski/ snowboarding season at Mont Blanc?

The ski and snowboarding season at Mont Blanc typically runs from early December – mid-April, depending on weather conditions and snowfall.

Is snow real in Mont Blanc?

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Are there ski rental shops and ski schools available in Mont Blanc?

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