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The Mt Olympus Ski Club, otherwise known as the Windwhistle Winter Sports Club (WWSC) was founded in 1932. The club began with ice-skating at Lake Ida, and then in 1948 chose Mt Olympus as the closer of two potential nearby ski-field sites and the location for the bottom hut was decided upon in the same year. A mere four years later the main rope tow was installed and in typical "can-do" club style, the entire rope was physically carried by hand to the field up the last stretch of the road from Monck's Flat by ten men and two women. The WWSC is the organisation that runs Mt Olympus. The Club oversees all ski area functions, from running the ski field on a daily basis in season, to building and maintenance in the off-season, to taking bookings and enquiries, and working with Glenthorne Station (the property upon which Mt Olympus is located). The vast bulk of the off-season and off-hill work is voluntary and undertaken by members. During the ski season, the club employs a specialist ski area staff including a mountain manager, hut administrators, snow safety / ski patrol, chef and ski instructors. The WWSC welcomes all to Mt Olympus, whether seasoned club members or first time visitors.

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Where is Mount Olympus located?

Mt Olympus is located at the southern end of the Craigieburn Range: 130km from Christchurch — a 90-minute drive into the heart of the Canterbury mountains.

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Snow Season

June - October

Resort Info

Harper Road, Lake Coleridge 7572, New Zealand


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