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Savognin Snow Cams - Bivio

Discover real-time snow and crowd conditions at Savognin with our comprehensive collection of 3 snow cams.

List of available snow cams include:

  • Bivio
  • Piz Arlos
  • Savognin, La Nars

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Savognin Faqs

Where is Savognin located?

Savognin is situated in the canton of Graubünden in southeast Switzerland, approximately 47km south of Chur. From Zurich airport, you can take a train to Chur, and from Chur, the route 182 Postbus goes to Savognin. Alternatively, you can opt for a car rental or airport transfer for a more time-efficient journey.

When is the ski/ snowboarding season at Savognin?

Is snow real in Savognin?

What accommodation options are available?

Are there child-friendly facilities and childcare services available?