Grouse Mountain

British Columbia

Grouse Mountain offers a spectacular panorama of Vancouver and the Pacific Ocean. Access to the ski resort is facilitated by an aerial tramway from North Vancouver, providing a unique and scenic journey. The story of Grouse Mountain's nomenclature is a captivating tale of early exploration and resilience. The first intrepid hikers, facing a challenging journey without the modern conveniences we have today, named the peak after a Blue Grouse they hunted along the way. This historical connection to the mountain's wildlife adds a unique and memorable touch to its identity. The subsequent surge of interest in Grouse Mountain, with Don and Phyllis Munday building the inaugural log cabin, marks the beginning of a rich history. The Munday Alpine Snowshoe Park, named in their honor, stands as a testament to their lasting contributions to mountaineering. It's a narrative that intertwines human perseverance with the natural beauty of the landscape, creating a legacy that continues to attract adventurers to this day.

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Where is Grouse Mountain located?

Grouse Mountain is situated in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, within the Vancouver, Coast & Mountains region, specifically in the Lower Mainland area.

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