Hachimanta is located in the Iwate Prefecture (Japan, Honshu, Tōhoku) and comprises of two ski resorts called Shimokura and Panorama. - Hachimantai Shimokura stands as a hidden treasure within the Hachimantai powder belt. Nestled within a sheltered, east-facing bowl, this locale receives abundant, top-tier, feather-light snowfall. While modest in size, the resort boasts three lifts that grant access to a plethora of tree skiing and backcountry opportunities. - Hachimantai Panorama is close to the neighboring resort of Shimokura. The two ski resorts offer a combined lift ticket, and although they are situated side by side, the slopes themselves are not linked together and the bases are separated by about 2km. The ski area is popular with families and beginners. Natural powder snow, natural hot spring baths with free flowing spring water and the magnificent natural surroundings are amongst some of the attractions of the Hachimantai Resort.

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Where is Hachimantai located?

Hachimantai Resort Shimokura and Panorama is a ski area located in Hachimantai City, Iwate.

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