Pillán Centro de Montaña


Pillán Centro de Montaña, which was known before as Ski Pucon is a ski destination located atop the majestic Volcan Villarrica in Chile. The Pillán ski resort, while modest in size, finds itself humbled by the sheer expanse of the breathtaking surroundings. This panorama features striking volcanic peaks and expansive lakes, creating a backdrop that steals the spotlight. The allure of skiing in the shadow of Villarrica Volcano is undeniable, especially when one considers the volcano's active nature and the presence of a lava lake within its crater. For those who venture up to the crater's rim, an experience akin to the volcano's activity awaits, complete with steamy sensations. And as you ski down on freshly fallen powder, the slopes may even seem to emit their own brand of excitement.

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Where is Pillán Centro de Montaña located?

The Montaña Pillán center is located on Camino El Volcán, kilometer 16 in the commune of Pucón, Araucanía region. The Center is within the Villarrica National Park, 30 minutes from the city center.

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