Hochkönig - Snow cams

Salzburg (Salzburger Land)

Hochkönig Snow Cams - Natrun Bergstation

Discover real-time snow and crowd conditions at Hochkönig with our comprehensive collection of 7 snow cams.

List of available snow cams include:

  • Natrun Bergstation
  • Aberg Panomax 360°
  • Aberg Bergstation
  • Bürglalm Abfahrt
  • Bürglalmbahn Bergstation
  • Bürglalmbahn Talstation
  • Karbachalm Bergstation

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Where is Hochkönig located?

Hochkönig is located in the Salzburg region of Austria, specifically in the Salzburg (Salzburger Land) area. It encompasses the Hochkönig mountain range. You can access Hochkönig by taking the train to stations in the region, and from there, ski buses are available to transport you to the ski lifts and villages within the resort. Find out more

When is the ski/ snowboarding season at Hochkönig?

Is snow real in Hochkönig?

What accommodation options are available?

Are there ski rental shops and ski schools available in Hochkönig?

Are there child-friendly facilities and child care services available?