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Visitors from around the globe can attest to the fact that Nevados de Chillán is a remarkable, thrilling, and stunning ski resort nestled in the Andes. Situated approximately 480 km from Santiago, the capital city of Chile, 80 km from Chillán, the regional capital, and 200 km from Concepción, the country's second-largest city, the resort enjoys excellent accessibility. The journey to the base is made convenient by a well-maintained paved road with few curves. Along the way, travelers can find essential services like fuel stations, pharmacies, banks, primary healthcare, police, snow equipment rental, and stores of various kinds. The ski area of the resort spans an impressive 10,000 hectares, offering diverse opportunities for winter sports enthusiasts of all skill levels. Of these, 500 hectares are meticulously groomed and maintained with stringent safety measures in place. For a comfortable stay, the resort provides multiple cafeterias, bars, a ski and snowboard school, and rejuvenating pools with thermal water. Safety is of utmost importance at Nevados de Chillán, with a highly experienced team dedicated to track safety and paramedics available to attend to any emergencies. The resort's unique combination of varying terrain elevations, over 20 slopes, 13 lifts, exceptional powder snow quality, and the invigorating thermal waters of volcanic origin contribute to its reputation as a must-visit destination among ski centers in Chile and worldwide.

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Where is Nevados de Chillán located?

Nevados de Chillán is located in the Ñuble Region of Chile, approximately 6 hours from Santiago, the capital city of Chile, and 3 hours from Concepcion International Airport. It is situated in the Andes Mountains, known for its picturesque landscapes and excellent skiing opportunities.

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