Stoneham - Snow cams


Stoneham Snow Cams - Base of the Mountain

Discover real-time snow and crowd conditions at Stoneham with our comprehensive collection of 4 snow cams.

List of available snow cams include:

  • Base of the Mountain
  • Tempete Express Summit
  • Eclipse Summit
  • Express Zone Summit

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Stoneham Faqs

Where is Stoneham located?

Stoneham is located in Capitale-Nationale, Quebec, Canada. The bus journey time between Quebec and Stoneham is around 20 min and covers a distance of around 27 km.

When is the ski/ snowboarding season at Stoneham?

Is snow real in Stoneham?

What accommodation options are available?

Are there ski rental shops and ski schools available in Stoneham?

Are there child-friendly facilities and child care services available?