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Nestled within the breathtaking Banff National Park, encompassing monolithic peaks, glistening glaciers, frozen lakes, and abundant powder, Lake Louise emerges as an embodiment of natural beauty, earning its place among the "Big 3" iconic destinations. Unquestionably, it ranks among the world's most exquisite locations, and skiing its slopes amplifies this awe-inspiring experience. Boasting an expansive 4,200 skiable acres, including 145 trails alongside numerous hidden back bowls and a staggering 990 meters of vertical terrain, Lake Louise's distinction was solidified when it clinched the title of Canada's top Ski Resort for the third consecutive year in 2017. Embarking on a picturesque 45-minute drive westward from Banff town leads you to Lake Louise. Describing the drive as scenic is an understatement, as the journey might naturally extend due to the irresistible allure of multiple photo stops. To truly absorb the essence of Lake Louise, a visit to the lake itself is essential. Situated around 5 kilometers from the charming hamlet-village of Lake Louise, the lake transforms from its incredibly turquoise summer appearance to a winter wonderland. The frozen expanse of the lake opens up opportunities for ice-skating, whether honing existing skills or embarking on a skating adventure. Alternatively, bear witness to the enchanting Ice Magic Festival in January, where artisans from across the globe craft remarkable ice sculptures that grace the frozen landscape.

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Where is Lake Louise located?

Located in the majestic Banff National Park Lake Louise Alberta is 57 km from the town of Banff Canada (about 40 minutes by road), and 180km west of Calgary.

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