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British Columbia

Apex Mountain Resort Snow Cams

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Discover real-time snow and crowd conditions at Apex Mountain Resort with our comprehensive collection of undefined snow cams.

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Where is Apex Resort located?

Located in the heart of the renowned Okanagan region, celebrated for its favorable climate, welcoming community, and exceptional wines. Reaching Apex is conveniently accomplished through various highway routes and a well-maintained, paved mountain road leading up to the resort.

For air travel, visitors heading to Apex Resort can opt for Penticton Regional Airport (YYF), with an increasing number of flights being added to meet rising demand. Alternatively, guests may choose to fly into the larger Kelowna International Airport (YLW) and then embark on a ground journey to Apex, a drive of approximately 90 minutes.

From Penticton, the nearest city to Apex, daily bus shuttles operate during holidays and weekends. These shuttles transport guests to the hill for the day, ensuring a timely return for dinner in the city. Find out more

When is the ski/ snowboarding season at Apex Resort?

Is snow real in Apex Resort?

What accommodation options are available?

Are there ski rental shops and ski schools available in Apex Resort?

Are there child-friendly facilities and child care services available?