Colorado Ski Resorts that offer Childcare

Colorado Ski Resorts that offer Childcare Services


Are you yearning for a family ski adventure, but the thought of little ones on the slopes seems like an uphill battle? Fear not! A solution exists that ensures the whole family can revel in the snowy wonderland together — childcare. It’s the perfect answer for families with non-skier kids, allowing parents to enjoy the slopes without leaving anyone behind.
Best Ski Resorts in Colorado offering childcare services is a game-changer for parents with little ones not ready to conquer the slopes. Toddlers and youngsters get to explore the magic of snow through engaging activities and short ski lessons, all under the watchful eye of experienced staff. This way, parents can hit the slopes guilt-free, knowing their little snow enthusiasts are having a blast in a secure environment.

Keystone Resort

Keystone Children’s Center caters to children aged 6 weeks to 6 years. As an unlicensed vocational childcare facility, they provide arts and crafts, indoor/outdoor play, and age-appropriate activities. Operating in both summer and winter, Keystone Children’s Center offers full and half-day programs, with summer on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays and winter from Thursday to Sunday. The center prioritizes creating a safe, nurturing, and enjoyable environment for children within the Keystone community.
You may book online or call 970-496-4182 for further assistance.

Breckenridge Resort

Breck Child Care Center offers childcare services for children aged 6 months to 4 years. The staff ensures that young children receive attentive and comforting care, creating a comfortable environment for them. Engaging activities are provided both indoors and outdoors to keep the children entertained. Additionally, Breckenridge Ski Resort babysitting services include the provision of nut-free lunches and snacks. When it’s nap time, the facility provides blankets, cots, mats, and cribs to ensure a restful and safe environment for the children.
For phone reservations, please call your desired Child Care location:

You may book online or call your desired Child Care location: Peak 8 Location 970-453-3258 / Beaver Run Location 970-547-5470.

Beaver Creek Resort

Small World Play School accepts kids aged 24 months to 6 years and is entertained with a range of engaging activities both indoors and outdoors. From toddlers to older children, they offer two distinct age groups that cater to the specific needs of each child. Each classroom is filled with an array of toys and activities that are designed to captivate and entertain your child. Provide attentive care, meals, and an engaging environment. You are responsible for supplying diapers, specialized foods, and any comfort items your child might require.
You may book online or call (970) 754-5325 for booking cancellations or further assistance.

Aspen Snowmass

Aspen Snowmass’ Treehouse Kids Adventure Center is designed for children aged 1 through 4, each age group enjoys its dedicated space. This secure and cozy setting ensures your child has a fantastic time in an engaging environment, all while receiving attentive care from their nurturing staff.
For Booking, call 800-525-6200.

Purgatory Resort

The Den offers a secure, interactive, and enjoyable space for your children ages 1 – 4 while you take some personal time on the mountain. Each day, children can engage in creative indoor projects and outdoor snow play (weather permitting). The program is thoughtfully designed to familiarize participants with winter environments, preparedness, and associated activities. We provide snow toys for an extra layer of enjoyment.

You may book online or call (970) 385-2144 if you need further assistance